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Born out of an increasing concern about the unyeilding size of my DVD collection; the Monastery of Vision has been designed to encapsulate the absolute highlights of my film-watching endeavours.

I am by no means a film buff, or cinemaphile. However, I hope these lists - loosely categorised - will serve as an inspiration for your next film to watch, when you are in a particular mood.

Fancy something that strays a little from the mainstream, but remains positive in it's energy and humour? Try quirky.
How about a film that deals with some or several aspects of sex and love? That's sexy.
For films with a strong and recognisable soundtrack; check out groovy.
For a stone cold classic (in my eyes); try classy.
Prepare for a touch of the sinister, or bleak; with darkly.
For something incredibly strange or absurd; take a look at bonkers.
And for a film that takes place in the greatest arena (at least in volume); please visit space.

Whatever you choose, I hope you find something to your liking, and hopefully a film that surprises you in a good way.

Daniel Stead
Ministry of Ginger